About me

As a London-based arts journalist, I have been researching and writing about exhibitions housed in London’s world-class museums, galleries, auction houses, markets, design venues and fairs for nearly 20 years. The work has involved meeting dealers, curators and individual artists who have given me insight into their professional expertise. Learning about countless forms of fine and applied art – antiques, jewels, ceramics, fashion, textiles and increasingly, contemporary high tech installations and stunning new and refurbished galleries has been an exceptionally stimulating experience. It’s a rewarding but steep learning curve and I am enriched when a project is completed and published, but also eager to move on.  I look ahead and ask myself: “what’s next?”

Perhaps you would like to learn more about some aspect of art or more about a particular period. I would be genuinely delighted to conduct research for you — to help you find out what you are curious to learn or where to find that ‘special item’. Do get in touch.

I write about arts & antiques. See my Published Articles page.
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